Breathe in… Breathe out.
Breathe in…  Breathe out.

Just took the prerequisite exercise to ascertain that I was indeed out of this dungeon. And no. It was not the dungeon like you would find in games like

Dungeons and Dragons.

Judging from the time of my last post till now, you could say I was lost or gone or invisible or any word appropriate for a missing individual.

In a world I thought I knew so much, I ended up in a labyrinth without Ariadne’s golden string to guide me out. I went into an adventure that literally took the whole of me to keep up. I gave all I could muster for the benefit of a world that was not mine. For the hope of a brighter future. Yet day by day, the future looked even more bleak than it was at the beginning. For the benefit of a story not yet written and a past not yet experienced, I worked day and night, giving it all.

At what point I thought I was close to a breakthrough, I discovered this was just an entrance to an even deeper portion of this maze. The turns surmounted so far had taken me far from the start and yet no where close to the center of this puzzle. I used to think I had taken the most logical steps and had a map well fashioned with algorithms better that those at Google. But it all turned out that I was rewriting my own version of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”

You might say I am writing in riddles and proverbs. But I must tell you, that is exactly how I felt in the labyrinth. A daily back and forth, push and pull force that countered themselves leaving me stagnant.

A point came when I realized this might end up being the tale of my life, a life lived without worth or significance, I sought a way out.

Let your mind set you free

Let your mind set you free.

In this cave, there were no wonders, but still there were salient treasures hidden in the crevices of the jagged rocks that tore at me daily, seeking to wear my very soul. For half a year, I was there and it was what some would call survival or daily existence. But for me, I remembered a popular first year’s quote from our Philosophy classes:

An unexamined life is not worth living.

I was not just going to exist, I was going to thrive.

Built to thrive.

Built to thrive.

I sought my way and just like the Wright brothers who didn’t know at what point in history they would fly, I spread my wings though not sure what materials they were made of or what kind of atmosphere was up there, I took flight not knowing what was up ahead but I was sure nothing down here for me.

I had learnt a while ago that it was not a crime falling but it was when you stayed there or stood up without picking anything.

My lesson?

The Stand

Heart ♥ thumping, pressure dropping, chains broken and finally, I know I took the right step.

You Have The Right To Remain Silent

Couldn’t this be the police?
Definitely not. At least not in this instance. But it is worth considering. Let’s look at it from that perspective. When an arrested suspect is being read his rights(at least in America), you hear “you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be taken against you in the court of law,…..”
At this point, the suspect can choose to keep quite or compound his/her problems. The words spoken are taken as actions for which the individual could be judged. Actions are things we do. But in a sense, they are things we also don’t do. Making a choice not to speak is an action.
I moved into a new apartment and there were a lot of things that needed fixing and the building caretaker “said” to note down all the problems and he would see to them as soon as possible. I waited for quite some time and he did nothing. Why was I expecting him to do something? Because he had “said”. His words indicated an action he would perform. If I were asked “what did he do when he saw the damages?” I would reply, “he said”
Do = said
You definitely would have heard things like “All the President did was say this and that.”
My point, we never realize how much we are doing when we talk. You could lift up or tear down just by the action of one of the smallest parts of your body. You don’t have to stab a man before you kill him. Just say something and he feels the effect.

Don’t say whatever you don’t want to be quoted as saying.

How many times have you had to apologize for the things you said?
How many things have wished you didn’t say?
You are guilty if what you say condemns you and praised if what you say doesn’t condemn others or put them in a terrible condition.


Like this bird (from the Hunger Games), the words we speak spread out their wings and fly and nothing brings them back. You can’t “unsay” whatever you said. It is best you are cautious. In some cases where you got into trouble, you didn’t have to speak.

I know it will not always be easy. But not saying a word at times makes you superior and you are able to listen more and learn more.

The Love Walk

You never realize how much energy and freedom you have until you get to see others different from you. Over the past few days, I have the privilege to work in a group passionate about making a difference in the lives of everyone they are opportune to come across. Thus the Love Walk began. We started out going to a village where I met people who did not know their ages let alone use a cellphone. We carried out routine tests and checked for BMI, heights and blood pressure. You should have come to see the enthusiasm in their eyes. They were seeing some of these equipment for the very first time. Here I was thinking anybody who could not use a computer was not ready for excellence in life.


But for these people, life was merely all about survival and making it through the day.

A second trip took us to a school where the students did not speak English clearly and they were expected to take advanced exams in English. Imagine teaching Calculus in a language the children don’t understand. These children all gathered initially because they saw canopies and they thought a party caravan had arrived. Some were disappointed but the patient ones stayed behind and in these eyes, you could see the fire of desire in their hearts that cared only for knowledge and reformation. I was given the opportunity to express my passion for computers and asked high school students if they have ever heard of an abacus before or the term “garbage in garbage out” and they all said no. Stunned as I was, I was able to illustrate with someone’s beads. Here I was thinking the internet should be common knowledge everywhere but I was in the midst of high schoolers who did not know what a computer was.


The last step of the walk was to an orphanage home and to a home for people with special abilities. I saw babies who just a day old baby that did not have any family whatsoever to claim them. Heard of some whose mothers either died from loss of blood during child birth or just from shear exhaustion. Still these babies had non clue. They had entered a world where they were labelled strangers from the first second they took a breath not knowing the love of a mother or the care of a father.


And then with those with special abilities, I saw talent and diverse kinds of people who if given slight attention, were willing to be the best they could be. Yet provision was not made available. They had the ability to express love and gratitude just like you and I would. But the channel seems not to be available. Ironically, just outside their building, there were parties being hosted and people feasting giving no thought for these people.

All these events took place in one of the largest cities in Africa. Politicians are currently spending billions of dollars ahead of the coming elections. They will definitely make empty promises and say they will cater for every citizen. But from what I have seen so far ….

One can only wonder where we are headed. If you and I can express this love intently in every area possible, be it financial support, mentorship, adoption, free medical care, you name it. The world would be a better place for you and I. Look around you. Someone is stretching out a hand asking for you help. What would be your response?


Glad I could be of service in SU4C(Stand Up For Christ). I have started my Walk. Will you?

Reason It To Completion

Plan, plan , and plan. That seems to be the order of the day. We all make plans that we hope to achieve in certain periods of time. We follow hard through the phase of “the task has to be completed.” An important fact to consider though is: How many of those plans do we actually execute till the very end? We say to our self, “this and that will be done,” but we end up just doing only the first part.

By no means am I saying planning is not important. I am just stressing the fact that not all plans are plans. In other words, there are plans that are guaranteed to lead to doom. For instance, you plan to read 10 books in a month but do not specify what books, how many chapters or even what kind of knowledge you hope to gain. You spin round and round to no avail because you go round in circles, achieving nothing. There is a key part to planning. It is called: Goal Setting.

I once read a book where the author said: “people fail because they do not know what to succeed at.” If you do not set targets and goals, even when you finish, you will not have an idea if what you have succeeded at. Without a focus, there will be no breakthrough. Imagine someone who wants to nail a chair together; he hits everywhere on the wood without concentrating any effort on the nail. He ends up nailing until he is tired. No doubt, there will be even distribution of pressure but the chair will be uniformly useless.

Without a target, there can be no success. Planning involves seeing the end from the beginning. Plan with targets and goals.

Goals + Targets + Time Frame = Plan


Hi there everyone. Time and time again, I have always thought of this burst of adrenaline that will just surge through my veins and make me just start working and being productive. In reality, this never happened.I have discovered however, that the most productive days in my life were days when I woke up “on purpose.” Yeah, you read right. I remember my final year project back in the university. We worked hard on the project that we barely slept most of the days. But I had just one productive day. After the previous day’s work, we made a plan for the next day; we decided we were going to work the entire day so as to cover much ground. We woke up at about 5:00am and got right down to work. We worked all through the day, taking breaks only to eat and use the bathrooms. This day was the singular most productive day all year long. We were able to cover about 75% of the entire work that day.

I took time out to think on why I had not had this much progress before or in other areas of my life. It became clear that I was living every other day as it came, taking everything as it came rather than planning for it before it came. Having that knowledge was important, I always loved and still love learning about new things. Problems came though when I just would try to pick up everything and fit it into my head at once. The fundamental truth came to light: “Jack of all trade, master of none.” Since I was trying to pack everything at once, I seldom grasped everything and giving the fact that I knew very little about a lot of things, this did not prove to be the kind of knowledge that I sought. 

Learning from my project day(s), productivity comes mainly if you are focused and have a good plan. Having all your energy channelled at a specific target makes it easy to take out a target, or execute a project successfully. I will be frank with you, after that realization, I have had days that I just winged it, did things without a plan and of course, I paid the price. I ended up working very hard and achieved nothing. Since I did not set any targets, I did not even know what to say I succeeded in. I ended the day not knowing what I had achieved.

Summing up, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.



After setting targets and goals for ourselves, we often times do not meet these targets. They turn out being carryovers and we therefore loose confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

Reading has been one of those targets I set for myself where I fell short sometimes and at other times, I did excellently well. My experiences here went a long way in influencing the actions I performed daily.

Just yesterday, I started reading a book about computer vision and I set a daily target of 10% progress. Sure enough, I completed the portion for yesterday. But today, something interesting happened. I started out reading and I was minding the progress bar on my epub reader and after some time, I had gone from 10% to about 12%. I kept reading and the progress recorded was only 13.4%. Being that my target was 20% for the day, I pressed on and stopped at what was meant to be 14% to continue later.

Well, I got back after some time to continue reading and I looked at the progress bar and this time it was 31.4%. I was surprised because I was struggling to complete today’s target. Meanwhile, an internal error in the epub reader had caused the progress bar to malfunction and I did not notice this until I restarted the reader. This was a stunning realization that :

I had placed my goal and target lower than what I could achieve or accomplish. In other words, I personally set my standard low and underestimated myself.

This is the plain truth about our lives and the enter world. If you believe that you cannot achieve something, you will not achieve it. In trying to meet a target, I surpassed my own goal and it took a bug in someone’s application code to let me see my own inner strength.

The only limitations we face are the ones we set for ourselves. This is a vital lesson to push forward and strive to even achieve higher than I thought was possible and to ensure that I set targets for every project be it a book or an engineering design, believing that I can accomplish the task in a record time. If I don’t finish in the set time, I would still press on in the knowledge that “it is possible.”

Dream or Drown

As children, we all had dreams and they were marvelous. We all had ready answers to questions because we had this Utopian notion that anything was possible.
Was it really Utopian ?

At every point in time or history, remarkable progress was made because someone dared to dream, someone dared to imagine the unimaginable, dared to do something that was not common.

Going back to the childhood days, dreams were fantastic because in them you had the power to do the impossible. You had strength to defy the odds. You literally became invincible. Your favorite super hero became your identity, you became extraordinarily strong, fast, intelligent, e.t.c. You were never afraid. Dreams gave you something to look up to.

Coming to this “adulthood” we are scared of dreaming because the knowledge we have gained and acquired over the years tell us that there is such a word as impossible. The child you once were knew nothing like this and was thus free to dream.

God designed the best graphics card which is our mind and yet a lot of us choose to use it in rendering pong(in black and white) when we have the capability of visualizing in high resolution. High resolution being a high resolve to see beyond the ordinary, beyond the now, beyond what is obtainable or attainable now.

Without a plan, there can be no focus. Without a vision, there can be no plan. Without purpose, there can be no vision.

Purpose directs your life and gives your dreams meanings and ideas that can change and shape the world are born. Dare to dream. 

If you are not dreaming, you are drowning.


This will be my very first blog using WordPress. As I ponder upon what to write, this was the only thing that came to my mind. This won’t be a very long blog but I just thought it would be important to stress the usefulness of a family.
I am sitting here with my adopted family and I realized the family is the most important entity or component in a society. You are strong or weak depending on the type of family you come from. I came to this place knowing no one but now the people I have around me here have become a pillar in the in this place.
I am a Christian and this makes me realize that the love I am experiencing is strictly as a result of  the love of Christ radiating from these individuals.

For now that’s all I can afford to blog.
Have a lovely week ahead.